City Hall

Friday Night Meet and Greet!

       July 29th, 2022    Dorris City Hall    5:00-9 PM

*Pick up your registration packet.

*Greet and visit with classmates.

*The Friday Festival is planned for July 29th.  Food, beverages, and local vendor items will be available for purchase. Click on the little poster for more information.May be an image of fruit and text that says 'ANNUAL FRIDAY AM night VALLEY CHAMBER OF Festival commeRce PRESENTED BY: BuTTE featuring LIVE music FOOD+ DRINKS vENDORS LAST FRIDAYS JUNE 24 JULY 29 AUGUST 26 314 MAIN STREET ACROSS FROM DORRIS CITY HALL AND IN PARTNERSHIP WITH FLAG POLE BUTTE VALLEY MUSEUM & HISTORICAL SOCIETY and RURAL KLAMATH CONNECTS 4:30 PM 8:30 PM'

"FREE time"
Possible Activities

Sat., July 30th, 2022

*BV High School Open House

*Butte Valley Museum                                   Fund Raising luncheon and Open House    

*Library Open House

*Get together with friends and go:

     – On a hike or a walk:                              

     – Kayaking

     – Golfing

     – Bird watching

     – Play Pickleball

2022 BVHS All-Class Reunion

Butte Valley Community Center

       Sat. July 30th , 2022

4:30-6:00 PM    Social Hour

6:00-7:30 PM    Catered Buffet Dinner                  Scholarship Dessert Auction

8:00-11:00 PM   Dance/Visit

                Sun. July 31st, 2022

SAFE TRAVELS HOME!  or hang around and continue to visit with friends or family. 

Some groups or graduating classes may have a Breakfast/Brunch gathering or another activity.

Please be sure to email Judy with some of your pictures so they can be posted on this website for all to enjoy and reminisce while waiting for the next reunion in 5 years. Or you can post some to the Butte Valley High School Friends’ Facebook page.

Hope to see you at the next reunion!

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